FM-9 11″ Quick-Change Conversion Kit

Convert your FM-9 Quick-Change Belt Fed Upper to a 11″ Sub Machine Gun Configuration with this Factory11″ Conversion Kit. Kit Includes Carbine Length Rail Hand Guard, 11″ Factory QC Barrel & Disassembly Tool.

Attaching this Upper Receiver to your Lower Receiver constitutes the manufacture of a Short Barrel Rifle a NFA Firearm and requires special registration. All NFA Rules apply.

FM-9 – 6″ Quick-Change Conversion Kit

Convert your FM-9 Quick-Change Belt Fed Upper to a 6″  CQB Configuration with this Factory 6″ Conversion Kit. Kit Includes Short Rail Hand Guard, 6″ Factory QC Barrel & Disassembly Tool.

Attaching this Upper Receiver to your Lower Receiver constitutes the manufacture of a Short Barrel Rifle a NFA Firearm and requires special registration. All NFA Rules apply.

Bowers “asp 45” Pistol Suppressor .45ACP

ASP .45 Pistol Silencer

The ASP is the Bowers Group .45 ACP/.45 Super pistol silencer, featuring the ATAS interchangeable insert system for various thread pitches.

Product Description

Each ASP .45 pistol silencer ships complete with a black nylon transport case with belt loop and individual pockets for the silencer, gel, wrench and a row of pockets inside the flap to hold additional inserts. Each silencer comes with one insert and an insert wrench. This is a double ended wrench, one fits the ATAS inserts and will also fit the inserts, mount and front cap for the USS .22 silencer, while the other fits the Versadapt inserts for the Bowers Vers-series silencers

The ASP is 1.5” in diameter by 7” long, and as such is one of the smallest .45 pistol silencers offered. Weighing a scant 5 ounces, everything but the insert is aluminum to keep weight to an absolute minimum. The finish is tumbled and matte anodized.

This silencer will provide excellent performance on the HK USP Tactical and MK23 SOCOM, on standard-length 1911 variants, some Sigs, the occasional carbine and even Beretta 92Fs. The ASP is intended to cycle on .45 ACP pistols using full powered ammunition and 230 grain bullets. We recommend the brass cased CCI Blazer ammo as a budget conscious full-powered round. The can will continue to perform well using weaker rounds and calibers, but the firearm will not cycle in most cases due to a lack of sufficient recoil being generated by the round.

The insert system allows you to mount the ASP .45 on, and effectively suppress, a staggering array of pistols. All of the inserts are made to shoulder on the muzzle except for the ATAS 1⁄2 X 28 and ATAS 5/8 X 24, which are made to use the shoulder on the barrel.

The ASP .45 is intended to be used only as a “wet” silencer. As with all .45 pistol silencers, an ablative is required to achieve best performance. While we provide a bottle of wire pulling gel with the ASP .45, other ablatives may be used if so desired.

Registered on a Tax-Exempt Form 3

Bowers Paradigm .22LR Suppressor

Paradigm .22 LR

These wonderful little cans are small, very high performance .22 LR silencers for pistols and rifles. The Bowers Group Paradigm .22 silencer is machined primarily from billet aluminum and comes standard with an ATAS™ mount and one included insert of your choice. Matte Black In-Stock.

Product Description

Unless you have something special in mind, we recommend the ATAS1/2X28 as the included insert. Inserts are also available for most of the popular import .22s such as the Walther P22, G22, M&P22, PPK/S .22, Colt/Umarex 1911/22s, GSG and Sig 1911/22s, factory threaded Sig Mosquitos and Sig P226/22 (The Universal Wrench will work on all those pistols at the time of this writing.)

This silencer weighs in at just over 3 ounces with a 1/2X28 insert. It is nominally 1” in diameter and 5” long. An 8” version is now offered for those who are comfortable with the additional length in order to achieve downright stunning levels of suppression in a still-featherweight can.

The standard tube color is matte black, but you may order these with a matte Man-Genta Royal Purple, matte Snappy Bubble Gum Pink or a matte Party Blue tube at the same price if you desire. The 8” length is only available in black.

The Bowers Group Paradigm silencer is not intended for fully-automatic fire; it is intended to be as small and light as we can make it and still achieve world class performance. The alloy steel Bowers Group USS silencer is significantly heavier and longer, can be readily disassembled and is suitable for heavy full automatic .22LR fire.

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Bowers “VERS 45” – Suppressor .45-.300bo

Vers 45

The Bowers Group Vers 45 is our .45 ACP submachine gun and carbine silencer, rated for heavy fully automatic fire in .45 ACP. The Vers 45 features an advanced baffle stack and is quite popular with those who want the utmost in versatility due to the larger bore size.

Product Description

This silencer is also suitable for 9mm and subsonic .30 caliber applications such as the .300 Whisper and .300 Blackout. It is 11.25” overall and 1 3⁄4” diameter. It is strong and light, weighing approximately 18 oz. (varies depending on the selected insert). The matte anodizing is applied over a tumbled finish.

The Bowers Group Vers 45 features the proven AIMS™ Adapter Integrating Mount System, which comes with one Versadapt™ thread adapter of your choice. Additional inserts may be ordered separately.

Please consider the purchase of a Griptastic™/SUPCOV™ high-temp insulating silicone silencer cover for use with this silencer. Any of our 1.75” diameter covers are appropriate for the Vers 45. Model GT1.75X10.5 will provide full coverage.

Includes any standard insert
Add $105.00 for Uzi barrel nut insert

IMI-UZI Sub Machine Gun Dealer Pre-Sample

USED/VG CONDITION IMI UZI PRE-86 DEALER SAMPLE SUB-MACHINE GUN, 9mm, Action Arms Import, ARS Lower, 95% Black Finish, Includes (1) 25rd Factory Magazine.

Notes: This is a Pre-86 Dealer Sample and is only available to FFL Dealers with a SOT only and not available for civilian ownership.

Dealers: No Law Letter Required and a keeper after you relinquish your SOT. NOT AVAILABLE FOR CIVILIAN OWNERSHIP – FFL/SOT ONLY.

Registered on a Tax-Exempt Form 3