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AERIS Micro Rimfire Suppressor Matte Black by Tactical Solutions


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AERIS Micro Rimfire Suppressor Matte Black by Tactical Solutions

At a mere 3.0 ounces and 3” in length, the Tactical Solutions’ AERIS is an economical multi-caliber, lightweight, user-serviceable, and compact suppressor.  It is constructed with durable titanium baffles and is the perfect platform for .22 long rifle, .17HM2, .17HMR, .17WSM, and .22WMR calibers.  Its patented split-tube design makes for easy removal of the baffle stack for easy cleaning and maintenance.  The AERIS has a 1” outside diameter which compliments most barrel profiles, and can be threaded on to any ½” x 28 muzzle.  This suppressor was designed to decrease overall muzzle length when shooting with a suppressor.  The AERIS drastically decreases decibels and is the perfect light-weight, compact platform for calibers specified above.

• Compact for shorter overall barrel length:  At just 3”, this suppressor creates an extremely compact platform for those who wish to shoot suppressed.
• Perfect for Bolt Action rifles:  This compact  suppressor is whisper quiet with sub-sonic ammunition and single-shot platforms.
• Quiet: This silencer is quiet with decibel reduction exceeding most other compact suppressors
• Easy to Clean:  Our patented split tube design makes cleaning and service easy
• Easy disassembly and reassembly:  Stacking baffles and split tube allow easy breakdown
• Lightweight:  Titanium baffle construction adds to an extremely light-weight platform
• Durable, long-lasting construction:  Titanium baffles and stainless steel split tube
• Easy to install:  Twist on to any ½” x 28 threaded muzzle

Designed for use with the following cartridges:
.22LR, .17HM2, .22WMR, .17HMR, & .17WSM

1/2″x28 Threads
1″ Outside Diameter
Titanium baffles and body
Stainless steel Spilt Tube
3″ Inches
Heat Resistant Utility Pouch & Wrench Included

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