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Gemtech GM-45 Piston M16x1LH


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Gemtech GM-45 Piston M16x1LH

An extra LID Piston Core allows you to easily change threads on a GM-45 or BLACKSIDE-45 to use one suppressor on either U.S. standard threaded pistols (0.578-28) or with European (Metric) threaded pistols. Not only does the pistons let you use your suppressor on your .45 suppressor, but with  other options you can also use them on 40 caliber and 9mm pistols.

Available in the following thread pitches:

  • 1/2-28 (12184)
  • 0.578-28 (12185)
  • 0.578-28 SIG (12186)
  • 9/16-24 (12187)
  • 13.5x1mm LH (12188)
  • 14.5x1mm LH (12189)
  • 16x1mm RH (12190)
  • 16x1mm LH (12191)

All options can be installed in the field without the use of tools.

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