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The Truth About Legal Machine Gun Ownership

It is, in fact, fully legal to own and possess. This also includes legal ownership of Silencers and Suppressed Firearms, Short Barrel Shotguns and Rifles, Any Other Weapons (AOW) and Destructive Devices. Also referred to as Title II Firearms and Devices.

Currently there are several registration formats being utilized today for the ownership and possession of Title II items. All formats require the responsible person to be over 21, a US Resident, and have no Felony Convictions.


You can register the device in your personal name and address. You will be required to notify  your Chief Law Enforcement Office in your city as notification only. NO APPROVAL BY THEM IS REQUIRED. Complete the application (Form 4), submit (2)two Finger Print cards, (2)two Passport Photos and the transfer tax and mail to the BATFE. The typically tax is $200 per item except for AOW’s , which is $5.00 per item. Since the registration was as an Individual, no NICS check is required to receive your device after BATFE approval but you must complete the Over The Counter Form (4473), for the dealers records.

Firearms Trust

A common route most take today in registering their Title II items. An attorney or yourself can form a Firearms Trust solely to own all your firearms if you wish. By forming a Firearms Trust, the trust acts as the owner.  However, the trustee(s) and beneficiaries must be listed on the application, including a Responsible Persons Form, (2)Finger Print Cards and submit with the Form 4 Application. An Over The Counter Form (4473) will still be required to receive and possess the device. Complete the application (Form 4), attach a copy of your trust, responsible Person Forms and your transfer tax and mail to BATFE. Typically $200 per item except AOW’s at $5.00 per item. ALL individuals named in the trust will required to submit finger print cards and application as “responsible persons” or be omitted from the trust documents.


An existing Corporation or newly formed corporation can own and possess Title II firearms as fixed assets. Again, the corporation acts as the owner and is not required to have a Chief Law Enforcement Officer or Judge sign and approve the application. Since the Corporation is an entity and not an individual/person, this is not a requirement. However, the officer of the corporation must be able to complete and receive NICS approval of an Over The Counter Form (4473) to receive and possess the firearm. Complete the application (Form 4), attach a copy of your corporate Articles of Incorporation and your transfer tax. Typically $200 per item except AOW’s at $5.00 per item. (After July 13, 2016, all named corporate officers will be required to submit fingerprint cards and an application as “responsible Persons” – See 41P/F for details)

Legal Machine Gun Ownership for Individuals by State:


Legal Silencer Ownership for Individuals by State:



a Title II Firearm or Device from any state and have it shipped to your receiving dealer in your state. For a nominal fee he can facilitate you in your registration and transfer to you.  Typically a $100-$200 fee per item is normal.

Purchasing a Title II firearm or device from out-of-state requires an additional transfer from the seller whether a dealer or individual to your receiving dealer. This will add additional time to the overall transfer process. Once the transfer to the receiving dealer is approved, the firearm or device can be shipped to them. Then the transfer process to you is initiated and the wait begins. Transfer times vary from time to time. However, tax paid transfers (Form 4) typically take the longest to approve.

Magazine Capacity Restrictions

We don’t ship magazines over 10 rounds to the following states:

We don’t ship magazines over 12 rounds to Chicago, IL. and over 15 rounds to Aurora, IL.

We don’t ship magazines over 15 rounds to the following states:

We don’t ship any feeding devices for belt fed firearms such as, Cloth Belts, Disintegrating Links, Non-Disintegrating Links or any High Capacity Feeding Device to California.

California Firearm Sales

Yes, we are registered with the California DOJ and welcome California Sales of California Approved Firearms, Magazines of 10 rounds or less and parts & accessories.

California Firearm sales require your receiving dealer is registered with the California DOJ and we can obtain an approval number from the California Firearms Licensee Check System (CFLC), in order to ship the firearm to them.

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