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Bowers Griptastic Suppressor Cover 1.75″ x 8″ – Black


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Bowers Griptastic Suppressor Cover 1.75″ x 8″ – Black

Silencers can get dangerously hot fast. More than one of us has left skin on a hot silencer and has the scars to show for it. Precision shooters will experience rapid onset of severe mirage. Transition drills will burn your legs. Silencer heat glows brightly in IR viewers. Hot silencers can’t be removed, even with expensive “quick detach” mounts. Bag-type Nomex covers will keep you and your gear from being burned, but they will also slip and they hold in the heat even longer than if you had no cover. Our covers provide simple and professional solutions to all of these problems. Protect yourself, your silencers and the rest of your gear with these covers.

They have been carefully engineered to provide everything you need in a silencer cover; they’re non- slip, low profile, a highly effective insulator, provide IR reduction, encourage cooling through convection by allowing airflow under the cover and are soft and “grippy” to the touch. You can dump a mag through a can on your M16 and unscrew it instead of waiting ten minutes.

We have covers for all of the most common silencer sizes. If the exact length you’d like isn’t listed, buy the slightly longer version and you can easily trim it to length with a razor blade. These are sized for length/coefficient of friction, so you cannot cut a cover in half and expect it to still fit correctly.

Fits Bowers Vers series, single stage Sionics (1.75” X 7”), two stage Sionics

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